What I'm up to these days

  • I'm responsible for the Personal and Cultural Enrichment program (PACE) at McGill University. PACE is a forum for exploring topics of interest for social engagement, to assist in life transitions or to gain practical skills to apply to our daily life. Through PACE, I also work with the McGill Community for Lifelong Learning, a peer-to-peer community of post-retirement learners.

  • I teach CPAC102: Topics in Volunteerism and Community Development. This course is offered through the McGill School of Continuing Studies and leads students to consider the approaches and practices of local community organizing. Participants are introduced to the significance, and critiques, of volunteerism and the impact perpetrated by various local, third sector groups.

  • My MA is in Educational Studies (Concordia University). My thesis research project, Power Up!, was a bike-powered exploration of the intersection of technology, community and self-reliance.

  • I'm an affiliate of the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling at Concordia University.

  • Mapmaker Shane Watt and I are currently collaborating on Paper Places: an Exploration of Childhood, Mapmaking and the Commons, a workshop for 6-8 yr olds on their relationship to the city. The next session will take place on Saturday May 30 at Coop Le Milieu.

  • On Saturday May 23, I'll be a guest on the Waffles! program on CFRC 101.9 FM in Kingston (ON), talking about living the Montreal summer.

  • On Saturday June 6, I'll moderate the Storytelling Café end-of-year celebration of the University of the Streets Café program at Concordia University.

  • A paper that I co-wrote with Sandra Frisby, Christie Huff and Astri Thorvik is currently available as an online resource for the 9th annual World Assembly of the International Council for Adult Education which will take place in Montreal June 11-14. The paper is titled:"Expanding the Concept of Lifelong Learning Beyond the Campus: the Experience of the McGill Community for Lifelong Learning within the Wider Quebec Community".

  • A paper I wrote on the hacker-maker social movement will be included in Perspective on the Status of Electronic Equipment in Montreal, a journal published by Articule and the Artifact Institute. 

  • I contributed a short presentation on social networks and communities of practice to the Social Learning for Social Impact Group MOOC currently being developed at McGill by Profs. Henry Mintzberg, Leslie Breitner and Anita Nowak, and Carlos Rueda. The MOOC will launch in fall 2015.

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